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Infrared Hot Sauna is heat using infrared radiation

inside the wooden sauna to not just heat you and

induce sweating ... but to have the infrared

radiation penetrate through your body tissues

releasing stored toxins as they are purged from

your fat cells, Liver and other tissues where

heavy metals and chemicals are stored making

our body's release them and move them out of

our bodies by natural means such as sweat,

urination, lymphatic drainage and the bowels.

If you have not experienced the relaxation and

cleansing of infrared hot sauna before ... you are

in for a treat! As with any detoxification

processes, effects are cumulative by doing many

sessions over a period of time.

We also combine Infrared Hot Sauna in conjunction with

other Detoxification Processes including Detox foot baths,

vibration and Nutrition Response Testing.

Costs are $40 for one session or buy a package of 5 for $150 or

10 for ONLY $250! Often detoxification can also be covered

under your health insurance Chiropractic benefits!

Also ask about Detoxification Packages available that combine

Detox Foot Baths, Vibration Therapy & Massage Chair!

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