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Recommended Reading

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

by Dr. Weston Price

Dr. Price is a pioneer in proving the diet-health link. A decade of research took him around the world, where he documented the dietary habits of traditional peoples of various racial backgrounds. His research was done at a time when many such groups still lived free of the influence of Western civilization and what he called "foods of commerce," or heavily refined and denatured foods.

If you like the book or for more information, please visit the Weston Price Foundation's website by clicking HERE

Know Your Fats

by Mary Enig, PhD

Dr. Enig is a true expert on the subject of fats. She is a nutritionist/biochemist of international renown for her research on the nutritional aspects of fats and oils, as well as a consultant, clinician, and the Director of the Nutritional Sciences Division of Enig Associates, Inc. She has served as a Contributing Editor of the scientific journal Clinical Nutrition and a Consulting Editor of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. She was an early critic of the use of trans fatty acids and advocated their inclusion in nutritional labeling; the scientific mainstream is now challenging the food product industry's use of trans-containing partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Empty Harvest

by Bernard Jensen and Mark Anderson

The authors of this book are a nutritionist and an ecologist, and they document that we are breaking down our soil ecosystem and that modern-day agriculture is out of sync with nature. Artificial soil produces artificial food. Today's mineral-deficient soil may be "one of the greatest original sources of disease." This book is a wake-up call. You will never look at a plate of pasta or the produce isle in the grocery store the same way again.