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6 Areas of Interference

The natural state of the body is health and wellness. An accumulation of stress breaks down the body and leads to symptoms and disease. To maintain or regain our health and wellness we must identify and remove the causative stresses from which our bodies are unable to recover. These stressors are identified as the "6 Areas of Interference".

Structural Interference - Aches and pains are warnings that something isn't working right. It is the purpose of your brain, spinal chord and all of your nerves that make sure your body work properly. Any distortion to the vital nerve messages between the brain and body sets the stage for ill health. The bones of the spine commonly misalign, due to one or more of the "6 Areas of Interference", creating improper nerve function. This is referred to as a "subluxation". When a properly applied force (an adjustment) is applied to the offending spinal bones this restores proper nerve communication and the healing process can begin. Chiropractors are the only health professionals that focus on returning balance and function to the nervous system by removing subluxations.

At Chattanooga Chiropractic Wellness Centers the Erchonia Medical Percussor is used to aid in myofascial release, trigger point therapy, scar tissue mobilization and tendonitis conditions. All of these conditions can impair your bodies ability to send the correct messages. The Erchonia Medical Adjustor is used for very specific adjustments throughout the spine and for extremity adjusting. This form of adjusting is very comfortable for patients, if they prefer not to be adjusted by hand, and in some situations much more beneficial. The Erchonia Medical Cold Laser is FDA approved and used to improve joint range of motion and decrease pain. It is also beneficial to aid your body's communication systems to improve healing and restore neurological functions.

Electrical Pollution
- There are many benefits to technology, however, electromagnetic pollution from TV's, computers, power lines, microwaves from cell phones etc. have a very negative stress response to our physiology. All of these technologies run on alternating current. The human body acts as a direct current organism. All the cells of the body have a north and south pole which is disrupted when we are near alternating current which emits an electrical field. We are being constantly bombarded with this excessive electrical pollution which depletes cellular energy and in time causes cell damage which may lead to the disease process. At Atlanta Laser and Wellness Center we will offer solutions to protect you from this type of modern day environment.

Mental/Emotional Stress
- Mental and emotional health is very important to our well-being and is commonly overlooked by most practitioners. Emotions are healthy human functions; however, the nervous system and other communication networks, can record negative physiological patterns known as engrams. An engram (engrams; there can be more than one) is described as "The persistence of a memory that effects the physiology of tissues usually promoting a negative pattern or condition." Emotional stress can seem like the most difficult to identify but may have the greatest impact in regaining control of your health. For thousands of years certain disciplines and cultures have referred to the mind/body connection. Modern healthcare has now proven what many always knew to be true. Researchers have proven that emotions are physiological and travel in our bodies as neuropeptides, and affect the way we feel physically. Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) is a method used to identify and normalize the physiology of the body from emotions if they are causing a detrimental response. Many patients have been able to overcome the most severe conditions by utilizing the benefits of N.E.T.

Nutritional Deficiency
- Many problems people experience are from long term nutritional deficiencies that manifest as various symptoms and disease. If not all of the required elements are available, in a usable form, body chemistry imbalance results and the process of disease will begin to develop. To aid in finding the cause to your problem, lab tests may be performed based on individual need. This may consist of the latest safe and accurate hormone panels, gastrointestinal patterns, blood tests, neurotransmitter profiles, bone density, allergy testing, organ function and more. After careful review of test results, an effective regimen is carefully explained and implemented. Dr Jerome Rerucha has numerous publications in the Nutrition Encyclopedia on alternative and complimentary medicine on the administration of nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic protocols for disease conditions.

Allergy Sensitivities - An allergy is a hypersensitivity that develops when a person is exposed to a particular substance (allergen and/or antigen) resulting in an over reactive immune response. Allergies can be involved in every condition and symptom known. Individuals with severe pathologies commonly have allergies that have been overlooked or misdiagnosed. There are basically three causes of allergies;

Foods or additives such as dairy, corn, wheat, preservatives etc.

A substance in the environment such as dust, mold, chemical agents etc.

Metabolic byproducts
Conventional estimates indicate that 35 million people in the Untied States suffer from allergies. Chattanooga Chiropractic Wellness Centers provides specific tests to identify health robbing allergens. By eliminating these offending substances and using specific desensitizing techniques, relief is available.

Toxicity Levels - Detoxification can make the difference between an effective healing program and frustration due to recurring health problems. The exposure to toxic chemicals is a large source of toxic buildup throughout the body. After years of exposure to these substances the body can no longer keep up with eliminating them and they can accumulate in the organs and tissues of the body. This type of buildup can cause problems throughout the body and can contribute to the development of serious illnesses. In order to reverse the disease condition, the buildups of infectious organisms, parasites and heavy metals need to be removed as part of an overall healing plan. The "EB-305 Energy Balancer" detoxification unit is the most successful, non-invasive tool to help speed the body's natural process of detoxification.