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The Doctor

Dr. Shawn R. Jones, B.A., D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Shawn JonesDr. Shawn is a Palmer College of Chiropractic graduate, the largest and best Chiropractic institution in the world, who entered active practice in 1987 as he saw a dire for affordable Quality Chiropractic care to anyone in need. He opened many clinics bringing many other good doctors to town in and around the Chattanooga area over the last 26 years. His mission is to help everyone who seeks truth and improved health by attacking the CAUSE of your problems instead of masking symptoms. Your Chiropractic care focuses on "Wellness & Health Restoration", not Dis-ease treatment. Half of all patients do not have any health insurance coverage and insurance does not cover nutrition services. He offers affordable wellness services as well as cold laser therapy or alternative health procedures such as detoxification foot baths. The result is Dr. Shawn Jones is able to offer you the latest state-of-the-art wellness services at fees affordable to anyone who wants to heal naturally.

In 2004, Dr. Jones has completed certification to become Chattanooga's Only "CERTIFIED HOLISTIC WELLNESS CENTER" offering the latest holistic services including Chattanooga's Only just FDA approved (HRV) Heart Rate Variability (autonomic nervous system function test), Cold Laser Therapy, Percussor Fascia Release Instrument, Mechanical Adjusting Instrument, and Complete Nutritional & Organ Stress Scan utilized in the Brimhall 10 Steps to Wellness Protocol! This allows us to eliminate all 6 of the interferences that rob you from optimal health : Structural, Nutritional, Allergies/Sensitivities, Electrical Pollution, Emotion & Detoxification.

Dr. Shawn speaks on Chiropractic, nutrition and various health topics to local groups and civic organizations. Monthly health presentations on Several fascinating & informative health problems and the latest advances to correct or reverse these conditions UTILIZING STATE-OF-THE-ART wellness care tools such as Cold Laser Therapy, Color Therapy, Couples Integration Therapy & Detoxification foot baths to name a few! Several of those attending will receive some FREE treatment for demonstration purposes. Patients who attend & bring a guest or spouse get much better results by involving others in your home rehab & stretching program! Plus, you'll save time & money in your treatment plan as class attendees simply get better, faster results!

If you would like to book Dr. Shawn to speak to your group and/or reserve a spot at his next health talk, then please call the Vance Road office by Sam's Club (423) 643-2277.

Dr. Shawn R. Jones, B.A., D.C.,

Director Chattanooga Wellness Centers

  • 1983 – Received a B.A. in Biology from Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois
  • 1986 – Received Doctor of Chiropractic, Graduated Cum Laude from Palmer College the oldest, largest and best school in the world
  • 1986 - Taught at Palmer College in Technique Department through April 1987
  • 1987 - Opened his first of many practices in Hixson, Tennessee
  • 1994 - Received the Tennessee Colonel Award for outstanding Community Service from Governor Ned McWhorter
  • 1995 – Received a Certified Hypnotherapy degree from the American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • 1996 – Received a B.S. in Physical Therapy from University of Health Sciences of Antigua
  • 2004 - Certified as Holistic Wellness Practitioner by Dr. John Brimhall Wellness Protocol
  • 2006 - Opened Chattanooga Chiropractic & Clinical Nutrition Center
  • 2007 - Graduated from Dr. Ulan’s Advanced Clinical Training for Nutrition Response Testing One of only 100 people in the world certified at the time
  • 2012 - Certified Affordable Housing Provider by Louis Brown Street Smarts Systems
  • 2013 - Purchased Class 3B lasers and Lipo Fat Melting Lasers
  • 2013 – Changed name of practice to Chattanooga Wellness; moved to our wonderful holistic wellness facility
  • 2013 - Taught Cold Laser Therapy & nutrition with extremity adjusting with Dr. Schroder Seminars
  • 2014 - Expanded services to include infrared hot sauna, vibration therapy, & neuropathy laser
  • 2015 - Became a Board Member of Chattanooga Real Estate Investors Association & emcee for Louis Brown Street Smarts Real Estate Investing, Regional Sales Director Financial Education Services
  • 2016 - Became a Guitarist/Singer for Sound Corp local non-profit bringing local music to our community
  • 2017 - Opened 2nd Chattanooga Wellness Cleveland office location & added LED Anti-Aging Therapy
  • 2017 - Purchased and trained staff for Chattanooga’s only Class 4 K-Laser for super healing Tissues.
  • 2018 - Purchased a 2nd K-Laser due to growth & a DRX9000 Lumbar Decompression Machine started.

Dr. Shawn has four children. Being an eternal student for knowledge, he has earned numerous other certifications and completed course work including Cold Laser Therapy, Dale Carnegie, Silva Method, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Standup Comedy, Handwriting Analysis, & Real Estate Investing. He is the President of Chiromojo, Inc., doing business as Chattanooga Wellness. He specializes in helping individuals with difficult health challenges return to health by uncovering the main interferences causing problems. By applying improving & integrating techniques, Nutrition Response Testing™ with whole food nutrition, and the New K-Lasers & DRX9000 Lumbar Decompression machines integrated into his holistic wellness protocols, Dr. Shawn can balance the central nervous system and assist patient’s bodies to reverse Neuropathy, pain and regain health and body function!