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Dedication to Wellness

At Chattanooga Wellness Centers, We are Dedicating to the eleviation of Pain and Joint Dysfunction through the restoration of normal Pain-Free motion of problem joints by restoring proper Biomechanics through the use of COLD LASER THERAPY, CHIROPRACTIC CARE TO THE SPINE AND EXTREMITIES, NUTRITION TESTING, WEIGHT LOSS. Now out Medical Team offers STATE-OF-THE-ART REGENERATIVE MEDICINE THERAPY to help assist your joints rebuild and Repair cartilagenous surfaces, Decrease Inflamation and Pain, Repair Ligaments and Tendons and help avoid expensive major Joint Replacement and Spinal Surgeries with all the loss of income and recouperation time and post-surgical Rehab and Pain.

CALL 423-790-5000 for Evaluation is ONLY $49 which includes:
  • Video Introduction to Regenerative Medicine
  • Review Medical History and any MRI or X-Ray Imaging reports you have.
  • Initial Consultation with the Doctor
  • Orthopedic/Neurologic examination of the complaint area(s)
  • Report of Findings and determination if you are a candidate to be accepted into our Regenerative Medicine Therapy Program and recommedations of appropriate Regenerative care.

*Please note the Nurse Practioner and his Medical Overseer will determine best method of application of the products (Intra-muscular, Intera-joint, etc.) your body requires at you Pre-Treatment Consultation with the medical team prior to receiving your administration of Regenerative material. You and the Nurse Practitioner will review your goals and desired results and finalize the best application for your particular needs for best results assisting your body to regenerate.