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Heart Rate Variability Instrument

Something New - Something Great - Something Different!

The Heart Rate Variability Instrument

What is it?

It is simple and easy to use - it takes 9 minutes to complete the test.

It is painless and very accurate.

It was developed in Russia - 25 years ago and was used to pick out the most fit bodies for Olympic competition. As you recall - the Russians were winning most of the Gold Medals. This technology was the main reason for it!

The HRV graphs the individual compared to 18,000 other healthy people – and tells you where you are at this time and place in your life.

How is your body aging?

  • Are you below normal levels?
  • Are you average?
  • Are you above average levels?

Why is it helpful?

Dr. Royal Lee (Founder of Standard Process Co. Whole Food Supplements) said,

"Dis-ease is a normal reaction to an abnormal environment"

Thus, if you have nutritional deficiencies, you can not heal fully!

The HRV technology tells you how efficiently your body's systems

are functioning. It also tells you how well your body can adapt to

environmental stresses by allowing us to see your autonomic

nervous systems in action. If your body"s regulation shows you are

not "open" to healing, then any weight loss or nutrition program

attempted will likely fail. In fact, often this can cause opposite

results leading to weight gain instead of loss in spite of dieting!

We are proud to make the only HRV Instrument in the entire

region available at the affordable price of only $25.00! We invite

you to come in and find out your own health score now!


6237 Vance Rd. Ste. #3

Chattanooga, TN. 37421

(423) 643-2277