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Ideal Diet Real Results!


I was weighed at Dr. Volske's office where I had my blood work done before starting the ideal protein weight loss system at 345 lbs. My office scales also confirmed the same weight as I started. At my first weigh in 7 days later, I was expecting good results since I was 6 lbs lighter after just 2 days! At my first offical weigh in, I was already down to 326.5 lbs!!! Thats an incredible 18.5 pounds weightloss in just the first week!!!

Is that unusual? Not at all!

My twin brother who introduced me to Ideal Protein, Dr. Marcus Jones, lost 17 lbs his first week! My 68 year old mother lost 15 pounds her first week!!! Results will vary but the first three obese members of my family lost huge! My wife lost 5 lbs her first week with only 25 lbs total to reach her ideal weight! So she is only 4 weeks more to reach her goal at this rate!!!

Now here is the kicker ....

No Pain ... it was EASY to follow this simple program!

No Hunger .... When I get hungry, I eat another ideal protein food or otherfoods on the program!

Affordable .... Each meal costs only $2 ... I save money on the diet!

Real Food .... Beside 17 grams of Healthwise protein in each pack, supper is real food.

Natural ... No drugs, stimulants, surgeries or injections!

Pancreas Heals .... no cheating allows your pancreas to heal from hyper-reacting!

End Point .... The final phase of the diet is returning to all real food with re-awakened pancreas.

What makes the Dr. Jones' Ideal Diet unique and the best anywhere is

1. Great amino acid protein isolates easy and swiftly absorbed.

2. Cut out all simple carbs/sugars so pancreas can heal.

3. No Cheating! This allows your pancreas to rest and stop hyper insulin secretion!

4. End point with 4 phases to awaken your pancreas gradually.

5. Regain normal insulin function at your ideal weight and stay slim by maintaining proper eating habits and good food choices with a rejuvinated normal functioning pancreas again!