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New Cold & K-Laser Therapy Powerful

Treatments for Joint Pain &

Muscle Problems!


We are excited to announce that we now have an New Class IV Powerful K-Laser Class 3 Pain and Inflammation healing laser available at Chattanooga Wellness! This new laser is actually 5 lasers in one large head three 635 nm lasers at 15mw each and two 808nm 150 mw lasers that combine to penetrate your tissues deep and immediately decrease inflammation, increase ATP production in cells and this speed tissue healing and regeneration! Since this new laser is 345 mw, eye protection must be worn while the laser is in use as it is very powerful, yet safe and very effective! My Erchonia laser is only 5mw, yet is also very effective making weak muscles strong in only 2 seconds! So you can see that using both lasers in patient treatment plans makes Chattanooga Wellness your premiere Cold Laser center in Greater Chattanooga!

For more scientific information, I have included the breakdown on this laser here: There are different ways to express the color of light. All 635nm lasers are bright red ($20,000 or $1,200 they are the same color). They penetrate human tissue about 3/8″ of an inch or so (depending on the color of the skin and density of the tissue). All 808nm lasers are a bright red ($20,000 or $1,200 they are the same color), however since they are near infrared their light can barely been seen. They penetrate human tissue about 1.5″ inch or so (depending on the color of the skin and density of the tissue).

Joules, Milliwatts or mw:
Different ways to measure the power of a laser. 5 milliwatt = 0.3 joule/minute, 50 milliwatt = 3 joule/minute, 150 milliwatt = 9 joule/minute and 315 milliwatt = 18.9 joule/minute (our 5 laser multihead totals 315 milliwatts). Power is a mathematical equation ($20,000 or $1,200 if they are the same power they are the same output). The more powerful the laser, the shorter the treatment time (and the greater the chance of burning tissue).

Frequency, Hertz and hz:
Indicate how many times per second laser light flashes on and off. Widely accepted theory is pulsed lasers have more of a therapeutic benefit than non pulsed light. Our no frills components were designed by a physician. They offer amazing versatility, function, and appearance with first class quality at 20% of the price of major manufacturers!