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Our Ideal Diet Protein Products - Healthwise!

We now use Healthwise Protein products as my Ideal Diet protein source for your success! Why not Ideal Protein any more?

1. Healthwise taste significantly better on taste tests I ran with clients!

2. Healthwise costs half the price! (Many products are less than half priced!)

3. More variety of protein products and meals available!

4. Shipping is FREE and only takes 2 days instead of 4 to get you save more!

5. Incredible tasting foods much more enjoyable than Ideal Protein.

Let me say that the Ideal Protein products are fine and the people with their company were great to work with. However, I found a superior variety and tasting line of products that give fast customer service and are always coming out with more varieties to please my clients. Plus at half the cost, I make less but I pass the savings onto my clients so that ANYONE can afford my diet plan to reach your ideal weight goal with my guidance!